Princess Sequoia laments the ‘Unworthy Girlfriend’ Phenomenon

29 Jan

I think I speak for quite a few of us gals when I say that it’s hard enough to get a boyfriend as it is. There are all sorts of obstacles in our way… the man we like is not interested, or he’s got a girlfriend. Or his type is impossibly perfect in some way, or he’s gay. All these things can be overcome (apart from the last one obviously). But there is another, very unpleasant phenomenon that is becoming more and more common…I speak of the strange anomaly that is…….THE UNGRATEFUL, SLIGHTLY UNHINGED GIRLFRIEND!!!

Moaning Minnies

I thought these were an urban myth,  but I have anecdotal evidence from a couple of friends of mine, and ladies, we don’t want to be coming up against this type of loon…any man prepared to put up with the sort of shit that these unhinged females dish out are certainly not worthy of our attention. One male friend of mine had an incomprehensible sense of loyalty to his girlfriend of seven years even though she constantly put him down and wouldn’t sleep with him.

No treats for the Little General

According to him, the fizz had gone out of the relationship many years before, and yet he was still with her. Why?? I asked, flummoxed. Because if I wasn’t around, he answered, I feel like she couldn’t cope. With what? Paying bills, DIY stuff around the house, things like that…I mean REALLY?? Do guys really want to be with someone like that?? He did everything for her,  he tried to keep her happy, bought her whatever she wanted, but all she did was moan at him…

It was then that I looked at him in a different light – we’d been quite close and there was a mutual attraction between us, but because of his girlfriend it was a no go situation. I’d thought he was just a really nice, thoughtful guy – which he was, but I realised that he was also weak – ‘stay unhappy in a situation to avoid a messy confrontation’. To me, that’s a complete turn-off.

Wet and weak = not attractive

When he said that he thought the only way out of the relationship was for him to leave the country, but even then he thought she would harass him, I realised that he was being 1) ridiculous 2) horribly weak and 3) there was probably more to the whole situation that met the eye, so I let it go.

It’s really most unfair on those of us who would make the most wonderful, undemanding, uncomplicated girlfriends……….well, perhaps just wonderful 🙂

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