Work Flirts – A Cautionary Tale by Princess Sequoia

17 Apr

Work. In an ideal world none of us would have to do it. Or we would all have our dream job which would enthrall and consume us on a daily basis with  excitement and fulfillment.

Unfortunately, apart from from the lucky few, this is not the case. We get through the daily grind of 9-5, Monday to Friday, in the hope that the weekend will provide us with the excitement we ‘ve missed in the week. To make matters worse, the pickings are mighty slim in the workplace (at least they are in mine) when it comes to attractive, available men.

Now hold on there! Who’s that guy in Property you’ve never noticed before giving you the eye?? He is CUTE! And now he’s sent you an email asking you out for a drink! Going to work has just got a whole lot more exciting! You’re meeting on the stairs and he’s taking you up to the roof for a fabulous view of London, you’re snogging in the plant room,  you’re going for walks in the park on your lunch break and coming back to your desk with your lipstick smudged. He’s single – well, separated. He really likes you and you really like him.

Then your friend on reception says she’s seen you with him – and says he asked her out too…and took her up to the roof ‘for the view’…then another friend on the 10th floor says she’s also had the tour with him, then another….EEK!! You realise you are the unwitting victim of the WORK PREDATOR… be avoided at all costs!!!

To make things much, much worse, it turns out he’s not separated at all and he’s got two young children. In short, he’s a serial sleazebag and all those things that you found charming about him before suddenly make you want to vomit.

All is not lost though girls, there are ways of redeeming the situation – after all, you have to work with him on certain things and though this can  make life awkward, there also ways of turning the situation to your advantage, especially if he’s depending on you.. and I’ll be giving you more details in the Tips  section…


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