Princess Sequoia’s Tale of Younger Cubs or ‘When Short-Term Gain turns to Long-Term Pain’

31 Mar

This is potentially an absolute MINEFIELD – beware! OR it can be an enjoyable interlude where there are no expectations, there’s just lots of…fun.

What you MUSTN’T be if you embark on an ongoing scenario with someone half your age, is emotional. This is strictly forbidden. Most men are bad enough when it comes to reliability, being thoughtful etc, so it’s logical that boys are a hundred times worse and a hundred times more immature.

If you’re thick-skinned, hard hearted, couldn’t give a damn….fine. If you’re a predatory cougar covered in gold and a tango tan, hunting down innocent young boys to chain up and keep as sex slaves you’re not the ones I’m worried about

If you’ve always been a cauldron of seething emotions and you want to go the ‘half your age’ route, take my advice – keep it short and sweet and move swiftly on to the next one. YOU KNOW YOU ARE EMOTIONAL. The longer it goes on, the more attached you are going to get. Doesn’t matter if you knew you were only going into it for a casual distraction, nothing serious, blah blah blah – IT NEVER TURNS OUT THAT WAY.

When he’s with you for those few hours he’s a dream, (is he really though?) but when you’re out of his sight – no texts, no calls, no attention full stop. It’ll wear you down eventually, trust me. He’s like a puppy with a colourful ball and you’re the ball – as soon as you’re out of his sight, he loses interest, it’s that simple.

Before you know it, it’s been a year and you’re getting fed up with being a casual booty call and not even getting one text a fortnight – you know it can never be more but now you think you’re in love and it’s TOO DAMN LATE.

Trust Sequoia on this one, and mark my words……


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